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  • Lightforce Halogen Striker Package

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    We've teamed up with Lightforce to offer this high value package!  In a world where LED lights seem to be flooding the market, is a halogen package still relevant?

    The answer is absolutely. 

    The classic round spotlight was the origin of off-road performance lighting and it remains a staple of the industry to this day.  These forward focused lights are known for the night-piercing beams they create.  They punch well above their weight given their small size and lightweight.  A wide variety of filters allows you to tailor the Strikers to your specific needs.  This particular package includes the Amber filter which enhances vision when driving off-road through haze and dust.

    The Halogen Striker Package Includes:

    • Striker Halogen Driving Lights Twin Pack -12v (RMDL170HT)
    • Amber Filters (FASWSD)
    • Wiring Harness (LFDLH)