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This elegant key case featured a backing plate that runs the full height of the key.  The front plate is only exposed from the top and it holds the buttons as well as the key shank in.  A single 6mm screw and nut are placed as close to the key shank as possible to give it maximum strength.

YOU WILL NEED THEY KEY SHANK AND BUTTONS FROM YOUR OLD KEY.  This is a great solution to fix a broken factory key shell!

Available colors:

  • Silver (prints great)
  • Gold (prints great)
  • Clear (prints great)
  • Black (prints ok)
  • Bright Green (prints great)
  • Translucent Blue (prints great)
  • Translucent Green (prints great)

Available Designs:

  • Blank
  • Tandem 4x4 
  • Bob-omb