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  • 120 Series Weld-On Rock Sliders  (Non-KDSS)

    120 Series Weld-On Rock Sliders (Non-KDSS)

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    Tandem Offroad GX470/4Runner(03-09) Rock sliders have been designed for extreme off-road abuse.  Our sliders are of steel construction.  Gussets have been added that run the length of the stand tubes in order to provide maximum strength.  The spine tube is constructed of 2in x 2in box steel tube and the steps are constructed of 1.5in tube.  The steps are angled up by 5 degrees to provide maximum clearance from obstacles.  A rear kickout has been specifically designed with two goals in mind: one is to push the vehicle away from obstacles that it encounters and two is to provide stable footing as a platform to reach items that are stored on the roof.  In addition, our sliders will not get hung up on obstacles as you are backing up.  And finally, we added a set of triangular plates at the end of the stand tubes to allow a welder to easily put a bead around the entire plate for maximum strength.