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  • Tips for First Time Offroaders

    Going off road doesn't mean you have to have extravagant suspension, super large tires, or hundreds of pounds of armor. While those modifications help when doing extreme trails and or extended stays in isolated areas, its not necessary for mild trails.

    A few things that can make your first off roading trip enjoyable, are having a good group of friends and basic recovery items. Having buddies that can spot you can be extremely helpful if its your first time driving off road or your on a trail that became much more complicated than it looked. Some of basic recovery items are a tow strap, Max Trax Boards, and a shovel. Those 3 things should help you out of most situations. 

    If you have no local friends to go with you, get on Facebook or Instagram, the're plenty of groups that go offroad on a regular basis. 

    A few tips, never go out by yourself if you don't have self recovery gear, if you are not familiar with a trail, do not attempt it, and always carry extra food or water when your out.