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  • Regearing, is it Needed?

    Most people always ask if re-gearing a vehicle is needed when adding larger tires and extra weight. The answer varies depending on the personal uses of customer and the type of vehicle that they own. Is the vehicle primarily used in the city, highway or offroad. Vehicle setup is important as well, vehicles that have low end torque like the v8 4runner and gx470 can get away with running larger tires for everyday use. Vehicles that have less power like the v6 variants ie: 5th gen 4runners and all years of tacomas, will feel the larger tires much more. Locations with many hills or mountains, re-gearing almost becomes a necessity due to reduced power from altitude. If a vehicle feels like it has no more power due to these addons then regearing is sure way to return to factory acceleration and cruising rpm. Regarding the actual ratios to choose from will depend on tire size and extra weight. Vehicles that have little to no extra weight, just larger tires would benefit from a smaller ratio change. Vehicles that have full armor, cargo drawers and roof rack will need a more aggressive ratio to make up the difference. Ultimately the choice will be upto the owner on how they think the vehicle feels.